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The Hanrieder Foundation for Excellence was established in 2015 by Dr. Wolfgang Hanrieder under the auspices of the Max-Planck-Foundation. One of its aims is to support outstanding junior scientists in gaining valuable experience at leading research centers abroad, and thus to promote the international exchange of excellence. Whether these talents go into the world from a Max Planck background or whether, coming from far away, they become acquainted with this globally unique organization for basic research, they are to receive support in experiencing new perspectives, establishing contacts, and thus in setting the foundations for a successful international career.

„This strategy won me over: Deploying limited resources for optimal effect – also when promoting scientific topics and talents.”

Dr. Wolfgang Hanrieder


Hanrieder Research Fellowship @ MPP

For the first project grant to be awarded within the framework of a Research Fellowship, the founder and doctor of physics Wolfgang Hanrieder selected the Max Planck Institute of Physics (MPP) in Munich. The Hanrieder Research Fellowship enables excellent doctoral researchers and Masters students from Latin America to spend up to six months at the MPP in order to decisively promote their qualification in the field of theoretical or experimental high-energy physics.

Hanrieder Impact Fund finances CaCTüS supporting programme

The Hanrieder Foundation for Excellence introduces its second funding line, the Hanrieder Impact Fund, by financing the supporting programme of the Computation and Cognition Tübingen  Summer Internship (CaCTüS). CaCTüS was initiated at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in 2022. It enables five outstanding students from Africa, India and Southeast Asia to spend three months at a Max Planck Institute in Tübingen. Being a key component of these paid internships, the supporting programme fosters excellence by enabling the interns to develop their scientific soft skills, as well as to build an international network and connect with the Max Planck research community.

Successful launch of CaCTüS

The CaCTüS pilot programme was successfully completed in September 2022. For the first five participants, the three-month research stay was the highlight of their young scientific careers. At the final CaCTüS Scientific Symposium on 23 September, all participants took stock.

Dr Wolfgang Hanrieder was impressed by the first round of CaCTüS: “From the outset, CaCTüS has already exceeded my very high expectations. The project is designed to open up opportunities for excellent minds from non-privileged backgrounds and therefore fits in perfectly with the aims of the HFE. I would be delighted if the programme could not only be maintained, but also transferred to other Max Planck Institutes if possible.”

CaCTüS continues

Following the successful pilot project in 2022, the framework for CaCTüS was expanded: in 2023, nine participants were selected from over 800 international applicants. The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems with its two sites in Stuttgart and Tübingen also joined the programme. The continuation of the programme is also planned for 2024 and the application process for the next round has already begun.

Applications can be submitted until 4 December via this link.


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